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ATV and Spot Sprayer Tanks


16 gallon

24 gallon













ATV Wrap-A-Round Tanks

*wrap around design allows for a low center of gravity; complete drainage from twin sumps; easy mounting and dismounting of sprayer because controls and boom are mounted to tank and not ATV rack.

  Part#                    Tank                        Price  
EZT016               16 gallon                   $215.84
EZT024              24 gallon                   $228.40 


ATV Wrap Around Sprayers

Features: 16 or 24 gallon wrap around tank, 5.3 gpm 12 volt pump, hand wand w/ 20' hose, 2 boom extender nozzles mounted w/ adjustable height for proper coverage. Options: left and right hand shut-off valves, Manual or electric, fan tips for close coverage




Blow-Molded Spot Sprayer Tanks 

Tank   WXLXH Price
SB00015 16x34x13
SS00025 18x36x17   $53.77
SB00040 24x36x19   $88.48
SB00060 24x36x26 $115.98

available in yellow or white                

Custom Spot Sprayers

Features: Aquatec 1.4 gpm pump, 70 spi demand switch, hand wand w/20' hose, tank & filter. optional boom or boomless spray nozzles Made to fit your needs. Call for pricing.

Part #                            Description                      Price

SS-15 15 gal Spot Sprayer $165.00
SS-25 25 gal. Spot Sprayer $180.00


Low Profile UTV Tanks

  Part#                    Tank                        Price  
LP45               45 gallon          
  27 1/2"x40"x18"       
LP100 100 gallon   $516.47 
  40"x47 1/2"x21"    



Other Custom Sprayers

Call us today for a custom made sprayer to fit your needs. We have made sprayers to fit various models of Utility vehicles, pickups, etc.

   Click Here to view a picture gallery of some of our work.


Sprayer Parts

Booms (Fully Plumbed)

Part #                          Description                            Price

ATV Boom 7'                         7' Boom                                   $200.00

ATV Boom 11'                      11' Boom                                   $232.00


Boom Clamps

BC100                  1" square boom clamp                                  $1.99

BC114                   1 1/4" square boom clamp                            $2.05

BC34R                     3/4" round boom clamp                              $1.82

BC100R                    1" round boom clamp                                $1.99


Spray Wands and Guns

3381-0036     spray wand max psi 120, max gpm 2.5                 $30.34          adjustable pattern spray wand with 19" barrel and 3 mm nozzle, 3/8" hose barb

3385-0032        Spray Tip for Part# 3381-0036                             $5.66

3381-0043      spray gun max psi 600, max gpm 4.5                   $104.02  adjustable pattern spray gun with 7 1/4" barrel and 2.3 mm nozzle, 3/8 and 1/2 hose barb


Boom End Tips

XT010            Boom X Tender spray tip 1 gpm 1/4"npt                 $74.83

XT020            Boom X Tender spray tip 2 gpm 1/4" npt                $74.83

XT024            Boom X Tender spray tip 2/-3 gpm 1/4" npt            $74.83

FCXT020       Fast Cap X Tender 17' 2.0gpm / 40 psi                   $50.17

FCXT024       Fast Cap X Tender 18' 2.4gpm / 40 psi                   $50.17


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All Prices subject to change without notice due to manufacturer price increases