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Camlock Fittings

                A                           B                         C                               Male Adapter x Female NPT          Female Coupler x Male NPT           Female Coupler x Hose Barb          

              D                                      E                                      F                   Female Coupler x Female NPT              Male Adapter x Hose Barb                 Male Adapter x Male NPT

               DC                      DP                                 FF                                                  Dust Cap                                    Dust Plug                        Male Adapter x Male Adapter               


                             90 Couplers                      45o Couplers                        3/4" x 1/2" Reducers


  Gaskets and Shims   2" & 3" Aluminum 2" & 3"Stainless Steel


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All Prices subject to change without notice due to manufacturer price increases