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J. D. Skiles, Inc. is the Original Home of the Cone Bottom Storage Trailer!

The Cone Bottom storage trailer is the modern replacement to the "tip tanks" of the 1980's.
Available in 6000 gallon (Double Cone) or 9000 gallon (Triple Cone) capacities these trailers allow you "on site" storage of semi-load quantities of fertilizer. When the tanks are empty, simply use the hydraulic jack to lift the trailer and move to the next field location. Never move with product in tanks.
Custom plumbing to meet your needs: Standard or with recirculation each trailer can be made to your specifications. There are many choices in fittings and pumps as well as tank colors and weights.  Click Here to Contact Us

Double Cone Bottom 6000 Gallon Trailer                        Triple Cone Bottom 9000 Gallon Trailer                   



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Replacement Parts

                   Trailer Jack TJP-5002-B  $38.13                  Hydraulic Hand Pump  HP121DA95  $285.55

    Hydraulic Cylinder  $123.64 Swivel Fitting for Hose Line FG6901-06-04  $2.61


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