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Electric Valves

Banjo Electric Ball Valves


*316 stainless steel ball & stem *stainless steel hardware *fiberglass reinforced polypropylene *glass reinforced PTFE ball seats *FKM (viton type) O-rings *12-volt DC operated *150 PSI maximum pressure *Internally fused/automatic reset *Open/Closed indicator *available in ON/OFF(3/4 second response time) or Regulating(4 second response time).

Part #                                      Description                      Price

EV075                                       3/4" valve                        $339.34

EV100FP                                    1"  valve                        $339.34

MEV100CF                                 1" valve                         $335.35

EV125                                        1 1/4" valve                    $339.34

Available in 1 1/2", 2", 2" full port, and 3" also. 3-Way threaded and flanged and Manifold assemblies too. Call for more information and pricing. 1-800-626-9338.

TeeJet DirectoValve Electric Pressure Regulating Valves or   Electric Shutoff Valves 

 The 340 series electrical regulating valves are designed to produce linear flow regulation and shutoff control in agricultural applications. Both models are abailable in several styles and motor speeds to accommodate different types of applications. The 344B shutoff ball valves are available with E or EC series motors and with cable or DIN electrical connections. All are available in 2 or 3-way versions, and many other features.

Part # example                         Description                                            Price

344BEC-24-C                   1" Ball Valve Assembly                                   $244.88

453BEC-24-C                  450 Manifold                                                     $776.81

DirectoValve 3-Way Electrically Operated Solenoid Valves


The 144P-1-3 three way solenoid operated valve was specifically designed to provide bypass control in spraying applications. When used with a throttling valve or a metering orifice in the bypass line it can provide for a constant pressure spray system.

 The 144A-1-3 bypasses boom flow to maintain constant spraying pressure when one or more boom sections are shut off. To maintain pressure with a 23520 throttling valve, outlet 2 must be throttled to match the total capacity of the nozzles on that boom section

The 144F-1-3 was designed for use with foam markers. With electrical power off, flow to outlet 1 is stopped and liquid flows to outlet 2. With electrical on, flow to oulet 2 is stopped and liquid flows to outlet 1.

Part # example                       Description                     Price                    144A-1                           2-way Directo Valve                $123.68           144F-1-3                         3-way Directo Valve               $138.58

Flow Control (Servo) Valves

Part #                        Description                                            Price

00745 3/4" M-T Electric Servo Valve Kit 150psi Max   $279.00
00746 3/4" High Pressure Servo Valve Kit 300psi Max   $328.00
14928 1" M-T Electric Servo Valve Kit 150psi Max
14957 1" High Pressure M-T Servo Valve Kit 150psi Max
14958 1" NH3 500 Servo Valve $1,078.73

Remote Sprayer Controls

Texas Industrial Remcor


Series 1999 12 volt DC Shutoff valves have 1" female NPT inlet, 1" male by-pass outlet and 3/4" female NPT female boom outlet- 15 gpm.

Series 2502 12 volt DC Shutoff valves have 3/4" female NPT inlet, 3/4" male by-pass outlet & 1/2" female NPT boom outlet - 8 gpm.

Standard controls systems are equipped with 6 ft. cap harness and 8 ft. sprayer harness.

Part #             Description                                         Price

1999A-1 Series 1999 Solenoid Valve only


2100B-1 Series 2100 Solenoid Valve only  
2502B-1 Series 2502 Solenoid Valve only
2202A Solenoid Shutoff Valve   $57.86
1541A 1" Pressure Regulator

                                                                                                                                        Replacement Parts

1974 Diaphram Assembly for 1999 valve $30.44
2517 Viton Repair Kit for 1999 valve $41.10


DirectoValve 430 Series

2-Way Manifold


Simple dependable on/off control, flow rate is 11.7 GPM at 5psi pressure drop and 16.5 GPM at 10psi pressure drop. 0.6 second shutoff time  fully open to fully closed. Features built in mini DIN electrical connector.

Part #                                 Description                              Price

58430-1-431EC-2 2-way single valve $224.37
2 valve manifold $388.67
58430-1-433EC-2 3 valve manifold $553.13
58430-1-434EC-2 4 valve manifold
58430-1-435EC-2 5 valve manifold $906.24


Quick Connect Fittings

45529-3/4 3/4" straight hose barb fitting $6.86
45529-1 1" straight hose barb fitting $6.86
45529-90-3/4 3/4" 900 hose barb $6.86
45529-90-1 1" 900 hose barb $6.86
45529-P plug $6.86



785-626-9338 or 1-800-626-9338

All Prices subject to change without notice due to manufacturer price increases