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Application monitors are a simple way to gain precision when applying liquid chemicals or fertilizer, helping keep track of liquid flow information.


Simple monitor that requires no settings or calibration. Can monitor up to 6 independent shafts at the same time or monitor up to 3 shafts and up to 3 bin levels. Eliminate unseeded areas, and save time and money by seeding once.


01323 - $672.00

Shaft-Trak w/o Sensor Kit

01330 - $749.00

Shaft-Trak w/1 Sensor Kit


01331 - $859.00

Shaft-Trak w/2 Sensor Kits

01332 - $905.00

Shaft-Trak w/3 Sensor Kits

01333 - $978.00

Shaft-Trak w/4 Sensor Kits

01334 - $1057.00

Shaft-Trak w/5 Sensor Kits

01335 - $1130.00

Shaft-Trak w/6 Sensor Kits

01544 - $157.00

Optional Bin Level Sensor Kit



Liquid monitor that is simple to operate & highly accurate. Monitors flow information and is easy to integrate into your system. Simple setup and calibration helps to achieve more precise mixes of chemicals.  


01739 - $501.00

FlowMate Flow Monitor Customized

01740 - $1113.00

FlowMate Flow Monitor w/FM750 Low Flow


01741 - $996.00

FlowMate Flow Monitor w/FM750 GFN


FlowTrak™ II 

Application monitor is a user-friendly monitor that can achieve greater accuracy when applying liquid chemicals. Triple counters for volume and area, track tank volume, and tank alarm standard.


01020 - $1607.00

FlowTrak II w/750 GFN Magnetic Wheel Sensor

01021 - $877.00

FlowTrak II Customized


01170 - $1239.00

FlowTrak II w/750 GFN - No Speed Sensor

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