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Auto or Whisker Switches for Fertilizer Systems

Our Auto Switch or “Whisker Switch” is created to work with fertilizer systems. When an applicator or implement is raised the switch goes into the hold position (switch is bent). When the switch is straight out, it is in the run position. The Auto Switch ultimately helps stop unnecessary application of product in the field.

Below is a picture showing how we wire our Auto Switches. Again, our switches are wired so that when the switch is straight, it is in “run position,” and when the switch is bent it is in the “hold position.”

Sometimes farmers ask how to make the Auto Switch operate with the opposite functionality. Meaning they want it to be in the “run position” when the switch is bent and to be in the “hold position” when the switch is straight. In order to do this, we simply move the white wire from the bottom input to the middle input. See picture below.

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