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Having Trouble with Your Electric 12-Volt Pump Controllers?

Today we wanted to address a simple tip for the proper functionality of your 12-volt electric pump liquid rate and speed controller for liquid fertilizer or chemical applications.

Who can benefit from this?

Anyone with an electric 12-volt pump and any controller that controls 12-volt electric pumps. Controllers that JD Skiles offers that fit into this category are the Autotrol, Autotrol II, and JDS 25.

Is your controller connected directly to the battery?

What can happen if your electric 12-volt pump controller is not connected directly to battery? Multiple controller issues can arise. Including on screen warnings and improper functionality. Ultimately this can also lead to the destruction of the controller if not connected correctly. Additionally, electric pumps have to have 12 volts of amperage at all times. If they don’t get the correct amperage you run the risk of burning the pump up.

Why a direct connection is beneficial?

If you are having issues with a controller the first thing we will tell you to do is to connect the controller directly to the battery, instead of an auxiliary port. This rules out the possibility of any shorts from the battery to the auxiliary port and ensures that there are no shorts from the tractor side.

When your 12-volt electric pump speed controller is connected directly to the battery you will obtain a longer life for the 12-volt pump, as correct amperage will always be supplied to the pump. If a problem does arise with the controller it allows for us to diagnose the problem much more clearly, saving you time and keeping your operation running.

For best results connect controller directly to battery.

Connect 12-volt pump controller to battery
Excerpt from AutoTrol II Manual


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