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Custom Manufactured Fertilization Equipment

Let JD Skiles Provide You With The Fertilization Equipment You Need For Your Agriculture Operations. 


#Durable #Reliable #Innovative

JD Skiles manufactures custom liquid farm and ranch trailers. These trailers are great for hauling and storing water and liquid fertilizer.

PitStop System JD Skiles.jpg

#Simple #Accurate #Efficient

The PitStop Chemical Mixing System makes measuring and transferring chemical to your sprayer simple and efficient, saving you time and money.


#Quality #Performance #Value

Custom electric and hydraulic fertilizer system setups for a variety of planters and drills. Including fertilizer tubes and manifold systems.

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About JD Skiles Company

In 1984 JD Skiles Company started from the garage of Jerry and Jan Skiles. From small beginnings to manufacturing and producing innovative agriculture fertilizer equipment, JD Skiles has built a quality brand rooted in integrity and hard work.


Custom liquid trailers, row trackers,  pull-betweens, and PitStop Chemical System for your liquid fertilizer and chemical spraying needs.


Our trusted line of liquid tanks, pumps, plumbing and fittings complete your custom build and keep you in the field.


Before and after the sale, on the phone or in the field, our team will keep your operation running.

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