Multiple Application UTV Sprayers & ATV Sprayers

High Performance From JD Skiles UTV Sprayers & ATV Sprayers. 

ATV Tanks

Wrap Around ATV Tanks

Designed for ATV's, wrap-around design allows for a log CG, complete drainage from twin sumps, and easy mounting & dismounting of sprayer because controls and booms are mounted to tank, not ATV rack.  

EZT016 - $241.68   

16 Gal. Tank White


EZT024 - $255.49

24 Gal. Tank White

Wrap Around ATV Sprayers

Customized ATV Sprayer, using the EZT016 or EZT024 wrap around tank.  Includes 5.3GPM, 12 Volt Pump, hand wand w/ 20' hose, 2 boom extender nozzles mounted with adjustable height for proper coverage. 

Options include: Hand gun, left and right hand shut off valves, manual or electric, and fan tip options as well.

ATV Sprayer/Wrap - $983.79  

Standard Sprayer w/Boomless Nozzle Setup

Additional options will affect pricing.

Boomless Nozzle Assembly and Boomless Nozzle

Spot Sprayer Tanks

Blow Molded Spot Sprayer Tanks

Designed with injection-molded leg inserts that allow the tanks to be anchored for transportable applications.

SB00015 - $39.74 

15 Gal. Blow Molded w/5" Lid

SB00025 - $57.00

25 Gal. Blow Molded w/5" Lid

SB00040 - $93.79

40 Gal. Blow Molded w/5" Lid

SB00060 - $122.94

60 Gal. Blow Molded w/5" Lid

Assembled Spot Sprayers

Includes Aquatec 1.4GPM pump, 70PSI Demand Switch, hand wand w/20' Hose, tank & filter.

Customizable options available.  

Spot-15 - $173.62

Assembled Spot Sprayer w/15 Gal. Tank

Spot-25 - $191.32

Assembled Spot Sprayer w/25 Gal. Tank

Low Profile UTV Tanks

LP45 - $443.94

45 Gal. UTV Tank 27.5X40X18

LP60 - $455.94

60 Gal. UTV Tank 29.5X44X18

LP100 - $516.47

100 Gal. UTV Tank 40X47.5X21

LP100 Frame - $268.50



Parts & Accessories

Spray Wands

Adjustable Pattern Spray Guns from Hypro.  

3381-0036 - $37.50

19" Barrel, 3mm Nozzle / Max120PSI

3385-0032 - $10.01

Spray Tip for Spray Wand

Spray Guns

Adjustable Pattern Spray Guns from Hypro.  

3381-0043 - $121.73

7 1/4" Barrel, 2.3mm Nozzle / Max600PSI

AMT-15023 - $2.93

Spray Gun Nozzle, 2.3mm Orifice


3430-0435 - $22.03             

Repair Kit (nut, orings, gaskets, & pins)

9920-31.204.36 - $28.03

Rod & Core for 7" Barrel

9920-35.902.9 - $13.31


SG-PC-025 - $129.15

Heavy Duty Spray Gun w/2.5 Jet

Custom Sprayers

Call us today for a custom made weed, ditch, or lawn sprayer to fit your needs.
Different Options Available: Boomless Nozzles​, Fan Spray Tips, Booms, Hand Wands, Electric Diaphragm Pump, Gas Driven Roller Pump, Tank Sizes, Singe Side Shut-Off Valves (Manual or Electric), Induction Tanks


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