Pit Stop Chemical Systems For Efficient Spraying

The Full Featured Pit Stop Chemcial Mixing System From JD Skiles Provides Agriculture and Farm Spraying Application As You Need It. 

Key Features:

  • Stainless Steel Tanks

    • 15 Gal, 20 Gal, 35 Gal, 40 Gal, and 50 Gal​

  • Accurate Measuring Every Time

  • No Pumps or Flowmeters

  • Powered by 13HP Electric Start Honda Motor

  • Limited Handling of Chemicals

  • Complete Rinse System

  • Turnkey System, Just Load and Go

Click Here to view demo.

"Hands down one of the best purchases our farm has ever made!" #jdskiles #farmer #timesaver #efficient  -Bachman Farms Inc

"The JD Skiles trailer with pitstop system was hands down the best purchase we have made in several years for our farm. We can see immediate returns on our investment, and our only regret is not buying one sooner."  -Justin, Sandy Rock Farms

"We have a pit stop system on a trailer with 6400 gallons of water. The entire trailer built as one system had made spraying so efficient we have cut our fill time in half. The ability to be spill free with the pit stop is amazing." -Jared

"I love it! It saves a lot of time refilling sprayer. I can get an extra field sprayed each day by saving refill time sucking chemical in. You guys have great products." -Joshua

"We have a pit stop loading system. Has decreased our loading time by 50%, reduced exposure to chemicals greatly. It is a simple to maintain and accurate system." -Jason

Be sure to check out our accompanying trailers, the turbo tank, and the aerial PitStop system. Click the links below to learn more about each one.

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Stainless Steel mixing tank
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Aerial Agriculture Spraying System
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