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Sprayer Trailer

The Semi Sprayer Trailer from JD Skiles is built to simply and effectively load and haul your sprayer to keep your agriculture spraying operation moving and efficient. The sprayer deck is 24' front to back and the shuttle deck is 11' 8" X 12', with space to load chemicals behind the system and space for a chemical mixing and transfer system if desired.


Comes Standard With:​​

  • Tandem Axle - 51' Long/Triple Axle - 53' Long

  • 11' 8" X 12' Shuttle Deck

  • 255/70 R22.5 Tires

  • Steel Wheels

  • Tandem - (2) 25K Axles  Triple - (3) 25K Axles

  • Spring Loaded Hasman Ramp with Lift Assist

  • High Wheel Stops

  • Load Bumper Guides

  • ABS Brakes

  • Aluminum Fenders with Mudflaps

  • High Performance Urethane Paint Coating w/Chip Resistance

  • Oversized Load Sign

  • 3 Leaf Spring Suspension

  • Shuttle Tie Slots

  • 18" I-Beam

Options Include:​​

  • 2800 Gal. Enduraplas Tank

  • 3200 Gal. Enduraplas Tank

  • 2350 Gal. Ace Roto-Mold Tank

  • 2750 Gal. Ace Roto-Mold Tank

  • 3250 Gal. Ace Roto-Mold Tank

  • 3750 Gal. Ace Roto-Mold Tank

  • PitStop Chemical System

  • Air Ride or Spring Ride

  • Tag Axle

  • Spread Axle

  • Stainless Steel Deck

  • Plumbing

  • Storage Compartment under Deck

  • Stackable 2 or 4 -Tote Shuttle Rack

  • Swing Out Hose Boom

  • Minimizer Fenders

  • Aluminum Rims-Durabright

  • Auto Ramps (On Air Ride Trailer Only)

  • 12 Volt Post - Front of Deck

  • 2" and 3" Hose Reel

  • Norwesco 1275 Tank Skid/Below Sprayer (Tank Not Included)

"This trailer and mixing system has increased my productivity by decreasing mixing time, increasing accuracy. User friendly with swing arm on loading hose. Abundant storage area for boxes and supplies. The ease of loading sprayer on trailer with the air dump and spring loaded ramps cannot be beat. This trailer and Pit Stop system was the best investment." -MW Miller Farms LLC

"Went from 45 minute load time to 9 minutes with pit stop system. Takes hours off machine and adds to productivity in a big way." -Brad

"Several years ago we bought the sprayer trailer with Pit Stop, water tank and chemical rack. It was a good purchase. We are much more efficient now in refilling and moving than we were before. I like the simplicity of the Pit Stop (though it seems complicated at first glance). No meters to give trouble. It IS simple and it IS fast! I love it." -Boyd Farms Inc

Click Here to view a sprayer trailer walk around video from JD Skiles.

Semi Sprayer Trailers

Semi Sprayer Trailer with PitStop System

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