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Manifold Systems

JD Skiles delivers manifold solutions to effectively and consistently regulate the flow of fluid while applying liquid fertilizer. The flow divider manifolds are custom built for each application with the correct number of ports. Manifolds feature quick connect compression fittings on each port with quick couple clean out fittings to make season-end cleaning fast and easy.

liquid fertilizer manifolds

400750 Manifold

QJ17560A Manifold


QJ17560A Manifold - $12.08

PVC Pipe Manifold with 3/4" Hinged Boom Clamp with #5 Check Valve and Quick Attach

QJ98586-3/8 - $5.90

Quick Attach Cap

w/ 3/8" AutoLock

400750 Manifold - $10.53

PVC Pipe Manifold with 3/4" Hinged Boom Clamp with Quick Attach - No Check Valve

Kwik Style Manifold

QJ98588-NYR - $5.90

1/4" Straight Cap Fitting

CP18999-EPR - $0.89

FastCap Gasket

Disc (DC-Color) - $1.00

Flow Regulating Disc

QJ8360-NYB - $5.24


RB1214P - $0.96        

75C - $2.08


InLine Check Valves

CV5 - $11.77

CV5MC - $17.46

CV538MC - $18.26

CV10MPT - $16.18


Metering Orifices/Discs

DC-(Color)            $1.00

Regulating Discs regulate flow and produce a straight stream pattern.  Precision-molded in polyacetal for reliable performance.


Stainless Steel Flow Regulator Orifice Plates

CP4916-***          $2.82

Flow Regulator, usually mounted behind cultivator shanks for the subsurface application of liquid fertilizers and soil fumigants.  

liquid flow orifice plate

Poly Vinyl Tubing

Linear Low Density Polyethylene Tubing

PE-18B (Black)
1/4" Outside Diameter and 1/6" (0.17) Inside

$0.15/Per Foot

PE-18W (White)
1/4" Outside Diameter and 1/6" (0.17) Inside

$0.15/Per Foot

PE-38B (Black)
3/8" Outside Diameter and 1/4" Inside Dia.

$0.26/Per Foot

PE-38W (White)
3/8" Outside Diameter and 1/4"  Inside Dia.

$0.26/Per Foot

PE-12B (Black)
1/2" Outside Diameter and 3/8" Inside Dia.

$0.32/Per Foot

PE-516B (Black)
5/16" Outside Diameter and 3/16" Inside

$0.19/Per Foot

PY-18316-Y (Yellow)
3/16" Outside Diameter and 1/8"  Inside

$0.14/Per Foot

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