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How Butcher Paper Improves Your Meat Smoking and BBQ Game

Pink Butcher Paper is a must have for meat smoking and grilling enthusiasts. Butcher Paper is a special heavy duty paper created to be breathable and yet resistant to leaks and rips. Below are the key benefits to using butcher paper when smoking or grilling your meats.


1.     The breathability of the butcher paper allows the smoke to permeate the meat, giving it that genuine and mouthwatering flavor.

2.     Helps preserve the right amount of moisture, so your meat doesn’t get too dry or too soggy. Butcher paper helps keep the meat tender without compromising the outside bark.

3.     Helps create the ideal outside bark. If too much steam gets to your bark, it can cause the bark to become soggy. Butcher paper helps control the amount of steam that gets to the bark creating the ideal texture and flavor.


If you love BBQ, grilling, and smoking meats, then don’t overlook trying butcher paper as an additional accessory to help take your meat game to the next level.


JD Skiles offers Camp Chef brand butcher paper, smokers, grills, seasonings and much more.

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