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Stainless Steel Liquid Fertilizer Drill Tubes

JD Skiles produces stainless steel liquid fertilizer tubes for a variety of drills, allowing you to add fertilizer at the time of seed drilling. Liquid fertilizer tubes are available for Crustbuster, Landoll, Nobel, Flex Coil, Great Plains, John Deere, Case IH, Krause, and Sunflower drills.


CrustBuster All Plant Drill Tube

All Plant - $35.95

Crustbuster All Plant Fertilizer Tube


CrustBuster 3200 Hoe Drill Tube

CB3200 - $31.16

Crustbuster 3200 Hoe Drill Tube

CrustBuster Min Till Disc Tube

Min-Till - $33.53

Crustbuster Min-Till Disc Tubes

CrustBuster Trash Shank Drill Tube

CBTS - $30.67

Crustbuster Trash Shank


crustbuster 3200 hoe drill tube.jpg
Landoll Fertilizer Drill Tube


Landoll - $40.68

Landoll Drill Tube

Nobel RS Liquid Fertilizer Tube


NobelRS $24.08

Nobel RS Tube

Flex Coil Fertilizer Tube

StealthTube $24.30

Flex Coil Stealth Opener

Flex Coil

Landoll Tube Placement


Great Plains

Great Plains Min Till Double Disc Tube

GPDD $30.30

Great Plains Min-Till Double Disc Tube

Great Plains Double Disc Heavy Duty Drill Tube

GPHD - $28.96

Great Plains Hoe Drill Tube

GPDD-HD - $34.22

Great Plains Double Disc Heavy Duty Drill Tube

GPDD Skiles Fertilizer Tube.jpg
GPDD HD Tube.jpg

John Deere

JD1520/455 - $33.66

John Deere 1520 & 455 Drill Tube

John Deere fertilizer Drill Tube
John Deere Hoe Fertilizer Drill Tube

JD9400 - $26.73

John Deere 9400 Hoe Drill Tube

John Deere liquid fertilizer drill tube

JD8300C - $30.06

JD 8300C Drill Tube

Liquid Fertilizer Tube for Drills

JD9300 - $25.58

John Deere 9300/LZ Hoe Drill Tube

John Deere fertilizer tube

JD1560 - $32.18

John Deere 750/1560/1590 Drill Tube - Right or Left

Fertilizer tube for john deere drill

JD515 DD - $30.33

John Deere 515 Drill Tube

John Deere CCS Drill Tube

CCS - $30.85

John Deere CCS Tube - Right or Left (For JD Press Wheels)

Liquid fertilizer tube for john deere

JD520 - $31.28

John Deere 520 Drill Tube


John Deere 50/90 CCS Drill Tube

JD 50/90 316 Tube - 3/16" SS Tube Only - $16.74

JD 50/90 Seed Tab - Blue Plastic Seed Tab Only - $7.94

JD 50/90 Tab & Bolt - Metal Tab and Bolt Only - $1.00

JD 50/90 316 Complete - SS Tube, Seed Tab, Tube Tab & Bolt, H-16-SS Hose Clamps - $30.80

JD 50-90-316 side.png
JD 50-90-316 straight.png

Case IH

IH500 - $48.33

IH 500 Drill Tube - Right or Left

Fertilizer Tube For Case IH
Fertilizer Tube for Case IH Drills

IH5400 - $31.30
IH 5400 Disc Drill Tube - Right or Left

SDX - $38.86

Case SDX Drill Tube - Right or Left

Liquid Fertilizer Placement Tube

IH8500AS - $24.05

IH 8500 Air Seeder

Case IH Liquid Fertilizer Tube

IH150 - $23.33

IH 150 Solid Shaft Drill Tube



5400PO - $22.84

Krause 5400 Precision Opener Drill Tube

Krause liquid fertilizer drill tube
Liquid fertilizer drill tube

4500NT - $24.68

Krause No Till Drill Tube

Liquid Fertilizer no-till drill tube

5400RS - $23.33

Krause No-Till Drill Tube

Krause Fertilizer Drill Tube

5200 - $24.41

Krause Drill Tube

Fertilizer Tube for Krause Drills

5400HR - $27.23

Krause 5400 High Residue Drill Tube

Fertilizer placement tube for drills

5400ProS - $22.88

Krause 5400 Pro Drill Tube


Fertilizer Tube for Sunflower Drills

SUN9400 - $36.43

Sunflower 9400 Drill Tube

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