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Stainless Steel Liquid Fertilizer Planter Tubes

JD Skiles produces liquid fertilizer placement tubes for all your crop planting needs. We offer fertilizer tubes for Nobel, White, Orthman, John Deere, and Case IH planters.

Nobel Air Seeder - $26.28

Liquid Fertilizer Tube for Planters

White Planter Tube - $29.90


Fertilizer Tube for Crop Planting

Orthman 1 Tripper - $76.59

Crop planting fertilizer tube

John Deere 7000 Planter Tube
JD7000 - $25.31

Fertilizer tube for John Deere Equipment

John Deere Planter Tube (JD 1760)

JD 1700, 7200, 7300 - $32.20

Crop planting fertilizer placement tube

John Deere Carrico Planter Tube
#SS-45472 - $36.92

John Deere Carrico Planter Tube

Nitrogen/Liquid Side Band Placement Tube
JD-SB Left or Right - $38.09


Case IH Planter Tube for

Press Wheel
IH-PW - $40.10

Liquid fertilizer tube for Case IH Planter

Case IH Planter Tube
IH 1200 - $24.89

Liquid fertilizer placement tube

Case IH 3/16" Tube

IH1200-316 RP Tube - $35.39

IH1200-316 Complete w/Plastic - $79.62

Fertilizer tube for Case IH Planter
IH1200 316 w plastic Skiles.jpg
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