Agriculture Tubing

JD Skiles offers vinyl and EVA tubing for all your agriculture operation needs.

Non-Reinforced Clear Vinyl Tubing

Clear, flexible, and lightweight. Provides full view of flowing product. Tubing is FDA Approved. Hose is made from Vinyl.

*Do not use for ketones, esters, and some aromatic hydrocarbons.

1/16" Wall

1/4" Hose - $0.72/ft

Max 50PSI      #CVT14

1/8" Wall

1/4" Hose - $1.24/ft

Max 70PSI  #CVT1418

3/8" Hose - $0.96/ft

Max 60PSI  #CVT3818

1/2" Hose - $1.29/ft

Max 45PSI  #CVT1218

5/8" Hose - $1.49/ft

Max 40PSI  #CVT5818

3/4" Hose - $1.73/ft

Max 35PSI  #CVT3418

1" Hose - $2.06/ft              

Max 25PSI    #CVT100

Non-Reinforced Clear Vinyl Bulk End.jpg

1/4" Wall

1 1/4" Hose - $7.01/ft 

Max 40PSI    #CVT125

1 1/2" Hose - $8.25/ft

Max 35PSI    #CVT150

1" Reinforced Clear Vinyl Tube

#CVT-100R        $5.53/ft

Non-Reinforced Natural EVA Tubing

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Tubing is weather resistant and had a chemical resistance to most insecticides and herbicides. Most commonly used with liquid fertilizers, phosphates, and the "open end" discharge of NH3.

*Do not use this tubing for NH3 under pressure.

1/4" Hose - $0.69/ft

Max 120PSI        #EVA14

3/8" Hose - $0.73/ft

Max 120PSI        #EVA38

1/2" Hose - $1.07/ft

Max 120PSI        #EVA12

5/8" Hose - $1.43/ft

Max 120PSI        #EVA58

3/4" Hose - $1.24/ft

Max 120PSI        #EVA34

Non-Reinforced EVA Tubing.jpg

Reinforced Natural EVA Tubing

Reinforced EVA tubing has a higher working pressure and more kink resistant. Weather resistant and chemical resistant to most insecticides and herbicides. Reinforced with Braided Synthetic Cord.

*Do not use this tubing for NH3 under pressure.

3/8" Hose - $1.71/ft

Max 250PSI            #REVA38

1/2" Hose - $1.98/ft

Max 250PSI            #REVA12

5/8" Hose - $3.33/ft

Max 200PSI            #REVA58

3/4" Hose - $3.08/ft

Max 150PSI            #REVA34

1" Hose - $6.00/ft

Max 150PSI          #REVA100

Reinforced EVA Tubing.jpg