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Agriculture Hose

JD Skiles offers general purpose, multi-purpose, and fertilizer solution hose for all your agriculture operation needs.

Suction/Discharge Hose

Fertilizer Solution Hose

Lightweight, flexible, rugged hose. Good chemical resistance and excellent for transferring fertilizer solutions, septic solutions and pesticides. Hose is made from EPDM, with Yellow Poly Helix.

1" Hose - $3.76/ft

Max 80PSI     #300-100    

1 1/4" Hose - $4.62/ft 

Max 70PSI     #300-125

1 1/2" Hose - $4.68/ft  

Max 60PSI     #300-150

2" Hose - $6.11/ft

Max 60PSI     #300-200

Fertilizer Solution Suction Hose.jpg

Reinforced Fertilizer Solution Hose

 A stronger, more dimensionally stable Fertilizer Solution hose. Has a polyester braided reinforcement, good chemical resistance. Hose is made from EPDM, with Black Poly Helix & Polyester Fabric Braid.

1 1/4" Hose - $5.78/ft

Max 100PSI     #390-125

1 1/2" Hose - $6.82/ft

Max 100PSI     #390-150

2" Hose - $8.69/ft

Max 100PSI     #390-200

3" Hose - $15.43/ft

Max 85PSI       #390-300

Reinforced Fertilizer Solution Hose
EPDM Black Helix & Polyester Fabric Braid

Style K Clear Hose

Versatile general purpose hose, flexible and abrasion resistant. Great for pumping water and light chemical solutions. Hose is made from PVC, and reinforced with Rigid Poly Helix.

3/4" Hose - $1.68/ft

Max 100PSI           #112-075

1" Hose - $2.06/ft

Max 90PSI             #112-100

1 1/4" Hose - $2.42/ft

Max 70PSI             #112-125

1 1/2" Hose - $2.86/ft

Max 70PSI             #112-150

2" Hose - $4.18/ft

Max 70PSI             #112-200

2 1/2" Hose - $6.82/ft

Max 60PSI             #112-250

3" Hose - $8.11/ft

Max 50PSI             #112-300 

4" Hose - $13.75/ft 

Max 45PSI             #112-400

Clear PVC Suction Hose.jpg

Rubber Suction Hose

Tough, flexible, abrasion resistant & weather resistant. A steel wire helix makes it crush resistant and handles full suction. Hose is made from EPDM, with Synthetic Cord/Dual Wire Helix. Has a Max 150PSI  

1" Hose - $8.44/ft 


1 1/4" Hose - $8.50/ft  


1 1/2" Hose - $10.01/ft  


2" Hose - $10.15/ft


3" Hose - $16.00/ft        


3 1/2" Hose - $30.86/ft


Rubber Suction Hose.jpg

Standard Blue Layflat Hose

General purpose lightweight flexible PVC hose for open end discharge of water.  Non-absorbing, mildew proof, abrasion resistant, and rolls up flat. Hose is made from PVC, with Polyester Plies.  

1 1/2" Hose - $1.62/ft

Max 75PSI      #BDH150

2" Hose - $2.09/ft

Max 70PSI      #BDH200

3" Hose - $3.44/ft

Max 55PSI      #BDH300

Blue Standard-Duty PVC Layflat Discharge

Medium-Duty Brown Layflat Hose

Medium-Duty flexible hose for open end discharge of water. Resistant to mildew, oils, grease, abrasion, and rolls up flat. Hose is made from PVC, with Polyester Plies. Max 150PSI

2" Hose - $3.66/ft


3" Hose - $6.66/ft


6" Hose - $16.36/ft


Brown Medium-Duty PVC Layflat Discharge

Multi-Purpose Rubber Hose

Multi-Purpose Hose

Versatile general purpose, excellent for air, water, and many agricultural chemicals. Tube and cover made to resist heat, sunlight, ozone, and weathering. Hose is made from EPDM, with Spiral Textile Cord.

*Do not use for transferring petroleum products.

2 Spiral Reinforcement

1/4" Hose - $0.96/ft


3/8" Hose - $1.23/ft 


1/2" Hose - $1.54/ft  


5/8" Hose - $1.90/ft


3/4" Hose - $2.53/ft


1" Hose - $2.80/ft


AG 200 Multipurpose Hose.jpg

4 Spiral Reinforcement

1 1/4" Hose - $7.37/ft


1 1/2" Hose - $9.32/ft


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