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JD Skiles Now Offers Dura Products

JD Skiles has recently started to offer Dura Products built for the Ag industry. Included in those products are the Dura-Meter, Dura-Pump, and Dura-Pump Easy Caddy System.


The Dura-Meter is a flow meter made specifically for monitoring Ag chemicals. There are 2" and 3" high flow options as well.

Dura-Meter Flow Meter


The Dura-Pump is a 12 volt high-flow herbicide pump with up to 18gpm flow rate.

12 Volt Dura-Pump

Dura-Pump Easy Caddy

The Dura-Pump Easy Caddy is a chemical transfer system that can be mounted to a variety of tank/tote and drum types.

Easy Caddy Chemical Transfer System

Feel free to give us a call or visit these pages to learn more.



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