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Resources to Help You Choose Spray Tips for Agriculture Applications

If you are having a hard time figuring out which spray tips are best for your agriculture spray application needs, we have compiled some resource links for Hypro and TeeJet spray tips that might be helpful. Hypro Spray Tips Hypro's Spray It Calculator

Video Examples for the Following Hypro Spray Tips

ULD - Ultra Lo-Drift


ESI Ceramic Six Stream




GuardianAir Twin






Video Examples for the Following TeeJet Spray Tips

XR - Extended Range


TTJ60 - Turbo TwinJet


Stream Jet SJ3


Stream Jet SJ7


AIXR - Air Induction XR


TT - Turbo Teejet


TTi - Turbo Teejet Induction


AI - Air Induction Flat Spray Tips


AITTJ60 - Air Induction TwinJet


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