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How Important is Liquid Fertilizer Placement?

The Purpose of Effective Placement Methods

The purpose of effective liquid fertilizer placement is to create the greatest contact of the root with the nutrients from the fertilizer. This is especially important in the beginning stages of crop growth. Doing this effectively will increase your potential for crop growth and yields. With the best placement of fertilizer you are also reducing the possibility of root disease.

Why Use Fertilizer Placement Tubes? Fertilizer placement tubes are used to place the fertilizer so it expressly supplies the crop with the nutrients and not weeds. Placement tubes also help place fertilizer where the root system can beneficially use the nutrients being applied. Additionally, fertilizer tubes allow you to apply fertilizer at the time of drilling or planting. Commonly, nutrient absorption rates are best during the beginning part of seed growth, which is why applying fertilizer at the time of seeding is beneficial.

Summary Proper placement of liquid fertilizer at the time of drilling or planting produces healthy growth, increased yields, and promotes root health.

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