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How to Know if a Gooseneck Trailer is Right for Your Farm or Ranch Operation

A gooseneck trailer can be used to store and transport liquid fertilizer, agriculture chemicals, water, and any other liquid at a higher capacity. The following benefits and practical considerations will help you evaluate whether a gooseneck trailer is a good fit for your farm or ranch operation.


The stability of gooseneck trailers is one of the biggest benefits, as the extra stability reduces unwanted trailer movement or sway. Because they are more stable gooseneck trailers can handle more weight and have the option of large shuttle or storage areas. In addition, Gooseneck trailers provide a more compact and tight turn radius.

Practical Considerations

Gooseneck trailers are better suited to be used with pickups that have three-quarter ton or heavier towing capacities. Also, the initial cost can be more than a bumper pull trailer, due to its larger size and the fact that some pickups don’t come with the necessary ball hitches; which would require you to buy and install one.

Conclusion and Options

Gooseneck trailers are an advisable option for farmers and ranchers who want additional stability, storage, and durability with their liquid trailers. Their sturdy design makes them long lasting trailers, making the initial investment well worthwhile. JD Skiles offers gooseneck trailers with leg or cone bottom tanks. Tank sizes are 1300 and 1750 gallon. Additional options include an upper and lower shuttle deck for more carrying space.

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