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The Benefits of Having a Nurse Trailer

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

Nurse Trailers are a great resource to have on your farm or ranch operation. Nurse Trailers are easily pulled behind vehicles with bumper pull hitches and are ideal for storing and transporting larger amounts of liquids.

Uses and Benefits:

Nurse trailers are commonly used for watering livestock. The trailers are especially helpful when watering livestock in varying locations or larger groups of livestock.

Another common use is for storage and transport of liquid fertilizer. Ideal for keeping necessary amounts of fertilizer on hand in the field while drilling or planting, keeping your farm operation efficient and cost effective as it eliminates driving back and forth to pick up more fertilizer.

Additionally, nurse trailers are often used for keeping other agriculture related chemicals on hand during spray applications. The option of adding an inductor tank to the trailer provides the feature of mixing chemicals before or during the process of loading the larger tank.

Different Styles:

Nurse trailers come with either cone bottom tanks or leg tanks. The benefit of cone bottom tanks is their design to provide an easy and complete drain of the liquid being stored; making cone bottoms a very popular choice. Furthermore, the round and compact design of cone bottom tanks reduces the amount of liquid sloshing when starting and stopping. Leg tanks provide the benefit of a more narrow design when using smaller tanks. Larger leg tanks provide solid stability and some leg tanks come with a more complete drain design.

What JD Skiles Offers:

Nurse trailers offer flexibility in customization with several additional options to choose from. Some of the options available are the type of tank, plumbing sizes, pumps, lights, brakes, shuttle platforms, steps in the front or back, and inductor tanks for mixing chemicals.

Leg Tank Size Options:

1005 Gallon Flat Bottom Leg Tank

1010 Gallon Drain-able Leg Tank

1300 Gallon Leg Tank

1610 Gallon Drain-able Leg Tank

Cone Bottom Tank Size Options: 1000 Gallon Cone Bottom

1300 Gallon Cone Bottom

For More Info:

Visit our Nurse Trailer page to see more details on the different types of nurse trailers JD Skiles offers. Be sure to check out our Social Media Accounts as we try to post new photos and videos of our products. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube.

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