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The PitStop System in Customers Own Words

Customer Testimonials “The JD Skiles trailer with pitstop system was hands down the best purchase we have made in several years for our farm. We can see immediate returns on our investment, and our only regret is not buying one sooner.”

-Sandy Rock Farms

“Hands down one of the best purchases our farm has ever made!” #jdskiles #farmer #timesaver #efficient -Bachman Farms Inc

Triple axle sprayer trailer with a PitStop System. “This trailer and mixing system has increased my productivity by decreasing mixing time, increasing accuracy. User friendly with swing arm on loading hose. Abundant storage area for boxes and supplies. The ease of loading sprayer on trailer with the air dump and spring loaded ramps cannot be beat. This trailer and Pit Stop system was the best investment.”

-MW Miller Farms LLC

“We have a pit stop system on a trailer with 6400 gallons of water. The entire trailer built as one system had made spraying so efficient we have cut our fill time in half. The ability to be spill free with the pit stop is amazing.”


"We have a pit stop loading system. Has decreased our loading time by 50%, reduced exposure to chemicals greatly. It is a simple to maintain and accurate system." -Jason

"Great products. Went from 45 minute load time to 9 minutes with pit stop system. Takes hours off machine and adds to productivity in a big way." -Brad

"I love it! It saves a lot of time refilling sprayer. I can get an extra field sprayed each day by saving refill time sucking chemical in." -Joshua

"Several years ago we bought the sprayer trailer with Pit Stop, water tank and chemical rack. It was a good purchase. We are much more efficient now in refilling and moving than we were before. I like the simplicity of the Pit Stop (though it seems complicated at first glance). No meters to give trouble. It IS simple and it IS fast! I love it." -Boyd Farms Inc.

What is the PitStop System? The PitStop System was designed to make the measuring and transferring of agriculture chemicals to a sprayer efficient, accurate, and simple with minimal handling of product required.

Key Benefits -Stainless Steel Tanks -No Electric Pumps or Flowmeters -Complete Rinse System

Buying Options You can buy the system with a custom made tender or sprayer trailer, or you can purchase the system by itself. Size options for the stainless steel tanks include 15, 20, 35, 40, and 50 gallons. Tank combinations can be customized.


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